Electrical Services


A Selection Of High Quality Services

Al-Ashwal is for electricity, trading and agencies with all its branches, whose main center is located in Sana'a. The first company specialized in electrical services and alternative energy, and the group provides more services, including the following

electrical services

Industrial Control Materials

Systems based on classical and modern control theories and uses Various types and devices needed for an integrated or partial industrial system.


Electrical distribution systems between substation fed system transport and consumer party. It generally consists of feeders, distributors.

Solar solutions for lighting and lighting systems for homes .and institutions Commercial, banks and organizations.


Engineering Staff

We provide a qualified engineering staff to carry out all technical studies and implement All installation and maintenance works in all electrical fields.


Lighting Projects

Implementation of all street, garden and park lighting with the latest International specifications.


We carry out all types of paving and paving of roads and coasts in the best way Types of interlock tiles.